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HTC Navigates Shift Towards Immersive Entertainment Amidst Revenue Decrease

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HTC reports a monthly revenue of 216 million yuan for October, signifying a substantial 64% month-on-month and 29% year-on-year decline. The cumulative revenue for January to October experiences a modest 1.85% year-on-year dip. In the third quarter, HTC posts a revenue of 1.1 billion yuan, accompanied by an operating gross profit margin of 41.4%. Nevertheless, the company grapples with an after-tax net loss of 910 million yuan, marking the 22nd consecutive quarter of financial setbacks.

In a strategic pivot, HTC’s VIVE ORIGINALS unveils BEATDAY, a holographic entertainment metaverse platform. This innovative platform introduces Taiwan’s inaugural “immersive interactive photo work,” featuring Lin Xiang. By harnessing VR and three-dimensional volumetric photography technology, viewers can engage in a comprehensive 360-degree viewing experience with Lin Xiang. The project swiftly garnered widespread attention and, within a mere 10 minutes of its launch on the WaBay fundraising platform on October 26, surpassed its fundraising target of 100,000 yuan. This pioneering venture into immersive experiences foreshadows a significant shift in the entertainment landscape.

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