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HD Renewable Energy Surpasses 11 Billion kWh in Green Electricity Transfers, Signs Milestone Agreement with ASE

ASE Technology Holding Commits to 20-Year Green Power Purchase, Aiming for 100% Renewable Energy
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HD Renewable Energy has achieved a significant milestone in green electricity transfer, exceeding 11 billion kilowatt-hours since receiving its electricity sales license in 2021. The company recently celebrated this achievement by signing a 20-year Aggregated Power Purchase Agreement (APPA) with ASE Technology Holding. This landmark cooperation is set to commence in the second half of 2025, marking a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions.

In a single year, HD Renewable Energy signed agreements for over 1.8 billion kWh of electricity, marking a tenfold increase in transfer performance from the previous year, across more than 600 locations. The agreement with ASE Technology Holding leads its subsidiaries in a collective move towards sustainability, initially supplying 150 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and expanding to 375 million kilowatt-hours. Over the contract’s duration, the total electricity transferred is expected to reach 6.3 billion kilowatt-hours.

Wang Ducun, CEO of ASE Technology Holding, emphasized the challenge of achieving 100% renewable energy use and net-zero emissions in the technology manufacturing sector. However, he affirmed ASE’s commitment to meeting international net-zero emissions standards, responding to the growing demand for low-carbon products and adopting sustainable business practices.

Xie Yuanyi, chairman of HD Renewable Energy, highlighted the innovative approach of using an “AI grouping algorithm” to match renewable energy sites with demand, significantly enhancing the efficiency and profitability of green power transfers. This technology has led to a 45% reduction in excess electricity generation, setting a new standard for green electricity matching.

HD Renewable Energy, recognized for having the largest portfolio of photovoltaic sites and the most green electricity for sale in Taiwan, offers highly efficient and flexible solutions, enabling the supply of green electricity within two months of contract signing. The company’s success in attracting leading brands across various industries, including semiconductor, manufacturing, finance, and telecommunications, underscores its ability to meet diverse energy needs effectively.

The introduction of a novel, flexible contract model for green leasing by HD Renewable Energy, coupled with smart consulting services, provides tailored solutions for landlords and tenants, enhancing their competitiveness and contributing to the RE100 goal. With plans to expand its service to nearly 1,900 supply points and assist 32 corporate customers in obtaining green electricity by the second half of 2024, HD Renewable Energy is at the forefront of driving the renewable energy transition in Taiwan.

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