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HD Hyundai Unveils Virtual Reality Shipyard, Advancing Towards Smart Shipyard Vision by 2030

First Phase of Future of Shipyard Project Completed, Paving Way for Intelligent, Autonomous Shipyard Operations
South Korea
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In a groundbreaking development, South Korea’s HD Hyundai Co. has announced the completion of a virtual reality shipyard, marking a significant milestone in its ambitious Future of Shipyard (FOS) project. Initiated in 2021, this project aims to revolutionize the shipbuilding industry by transforming traditional shipyards into smart, technologically advanced facilities by 2030.

The recently completed first stage, known as Twin FOS, is the cornerstone of this vision. It encompasses a detailed 3D VR model of the actual shipyard, enabling real-time connectivity across all processes from design to production. This digital transformation allows for the simultaneous viewing of the shipyard’s on-site data from a third location, facilitating smart work management and operational efficiency.

HD Hyundai’s vision for the FOS project extends beyond the current achievement. By 2026, the company plans to complete the second stage, which involves developing a connected prediction shipyard. This phase will focus on predictive capabilities, enhancing decision-making and operational foresight.

The ultimate goal of the FOS project is to establish an intelligent autonomous operating shipyard by 2030. This final stage will integrate advanced technologies, including AI and automation, to create a fully self-sufficient and efficient shipyard ecosystem.

HD Hyundai’s pioneering efforts in the shipbuilding industry signify a major leap towards a future where smart technology and digital innovation drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability. The successful implementation of the FOS project could set a new benchmark for shipyard operations worldwide, heralding a new era in maritime construction and design.

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