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HD Hyundai Launches World’s First Mega Methanol-Fueled Container Ship

The Ane Maersk, a groundbreaking 16,200 TEU vessel, marks a significant advancement in sustainable maritime transport
South Korea
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HD Hyundai Co., a leading force in South Korean shipbuilding, has achieved a significant milestone in the maritime industry by christening the world’s first mega methanol-fueled container ship. Named the Ane Maersk, after Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla, the chairman of AP Moller Holdings, this vessel is a pioneer in its class, boasting a capacity exceeding 10,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs).

The launch of the Ane Maersk, a 16,200 TEU vessel, represents a monumental shift in the scale of ships powered by methanol, moving beyond the smaller capacities previously seen in this segment. This ship is the first of 18 mega container ships commissioned by Maersk from HD Hyundai in 2021, underscoring a commitment to more sustainable shipping practices.

The event, held at HD Hyundai’s Ulsan shipyard, was attended by over 100 dignitaries, including HD Hyundai Vice Chairman Chung Ki-sun and Maersk Chairman Robert Mærsk Uggla.

Methanol-fueled ships are increasingly seen as the next generation in eco-friendly maritime transport. These vessels offer significant advantages over their liquefied natural gas (LNG) counterparts, including lower carbon emissions and simpler fuel storage solutions. This aligns closely with the goals of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which aims for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from maritime activities by 2030.

The introduction of the Ane Maersk is a pivotal moment in the industry, highlighting HD Hyundai’s leadership in innovative shipbuilding and Maersk’s dedication to greener maritime operations. This development is a critical step towards achieving the IMO’s environmental targets and paves the way for a new era in sustainable shipping.

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