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Hanwha Foodtech Acquires Robotics-Driven Stellar Pizza in Strategic U.S. Expansion

The deal marks Hanwha's foray into tech-enhanced dining, integrating robotics into its food & beverage portfolio
South Korea
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The culinary world is buzzing with the news that Hanwha Foodtech, the food and beverage branch of the South Korean titan Hanwha Group, has officially embraced Stellar Pizza, a trailblazer in robot-crafted pizzas in the U.S. This move isn’t just a business transaction; it’s Hanwha stepping boldly into the future of food, where robotics and culinary arts intersect in exciting new ways.

Earlier this year, the groundwork was laid when Hanwha Foodtech Global Inc., their U.S. subsidiary, and Serve Automation, the parent company of Stellar Pizza, sketched out a memorandum of understanding. The deal, sealed on February 29, means that Serve Automation’s innovative assets are now under Hanwha’s expansive umbrella, heralding a new era in their strategic expansion.

Serve Automation’s roots are fascinating, founded by SpaceX veterans in 2019, blending aerospace precision with culinary automation. Their founder, Benson Tsai, a SpaceX alum himself, has been instrumental in developing the tech that powers Stellar Pizza’s robotic chefs.

With this acquisition, Hanwha Foodtech isn’t just acquiring assets; they’re embracing a vision. They plan to keep the Stellar ship steady, retaining key leadership and the brains behind the bots, including Tsai. It’s a clear signal that they’re serious about nurturing this tech and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in food technology.

Soon, Stellar Pizza will fire up its ovens again, aiming to streamline operations and enhance the tech that makes their unique pizza-making process possible. This acquisition is a bold step for Hanwha Foodtech, underscoring their commitment to leading the charge in merging high-tech solutions with the timeless art of food preparation, setting new industry standards in the process.

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