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Hankook Tire Rolls Out New Kinergy XP All-Season Tire in North America

Enhanced with Advanced Features, Kinergy XP Offers Superior Grip and Longevity
South Korea
h 161390.KO Consumer 250 Mid and Small Cap 2000
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Hankook Tire & Technology is expanding its footprint in North America with the introduction of the Kinergy XP, its latest all-season grand touring tire. Designed to elevate the driving experience, the Kinergy XP combines premium control and comfort across seasons, making it a versatile choice for various vehicle types, including sedans and SUVs.

The Kinergy XP distinguishes itself with its exceptional wet surface grip and stability in snow conditions. This performance is achieved through a meticulous design that incorporates a higher density of sipes – small, slit-like grooves on the tire’s surface. These enhancements significantly improve both acceleration and braking capabilities in diverse weather conditions.

In a market where longevity and noise reduction are increasingly valued, Hankook Tire has made significant strides. The Kinergy XP features a newly developed all-season performance compound, contributing to extended tread life. Additionally, the tire is engineered for reduced noise, ensuring a quieter, more comfortable ride.

The tire’s specialized shoulder groove design further bolsters its performance credentials. This design aids in offering a more responsive handling experience, catering to drivers who prioritize both safety and comfort. Hankook Tire’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the Kinergy XP, positioning it as a strong contender in the competitive North American tire market.

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