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Gumi Announces Strategic Alliance with SUPER STATE HOLDINGS

Capital infusion aimed at leveraging creator synergies for new game development
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On June 26, Gumi Co., Ltd. declared its intention to form a capital and business alliance with SUPER STATE HOLDINGS (SPST), the parent company of STPR Group. This move aligns with Gumi’s strategy to enhance its corporate value and expand its market presence.

Initiated in May 2024, Gumi explored potential partnerships and found a promising opportunity with STPR, known for its popular creators, including the “Strawberry Prince” group. The discussions, which started with identifying business synergies, culminated in June 2024 when SPST, established as STPR’s parent company, agreed to the alliance.

The collaboration aims to blend SPST’s robust creator network with Gumi’s game development expertise. This synergy is expected to result in the creation and distribution of new game titles and the promotion of the blockchain project “OSHI3,” ultimately boosting Gumi’s stock value. Key areas of the alliance include mobile and blockchain game development, leveraging both companies’ networks, and promoting blockchain initiatives.

As part of the capital agreement, Gumi will issue 9,887,500 shares to SPST at 301 yen per share, raising approximately 2.98 billion yen. These funds will be allocated towards developing new games, including those utilizing external IPs and collaborations with SPST, promoting the OSHI3 platform, and strategic investments.

Following this share issuance, SPST will become Gumi’s largest shareholder, holding 19.99% of voting rights. While Gumi anticipates this alliance to significantly enhance its enterprise and shareholder value, the exact financial impact for the fiscal year ending April 2025 remains undetermined.



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