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GS Caltex Launches Pioneering Immersion Coolant for Energy-Efficient Data Center Thermal Management

South Korea
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GS Caltex’s lubricant brand, Kix, unveiled its groundbreaking immersion coolant, ‘Kixx Immersion Fluid S,’ exclusively designed for energy-efficient thermal management in data centers (IDC). Launched with National Foundation for Health Foundation (NSF) food grade certification, the product utilizes biodegradable synthetic raw materials, minimizing environmental impact. GS Caltex conducted empirical evaluations, confirming the product’s performance in ensuring stable IDC server operation and effective thermal management.

This strategic product launch marks GS Caltex’s entry into the thermal management market for IDC energy efficiency. The immersion cooling method directly submerges electronic devices, such as servers and batteries, in a non-conductive liquid, enhancing energy efficiency compared to conventional air cooling methods. Additionally, it reduces the risk of hardware failure caused by heat, dust, or moisture, extending device lifespan.

GS Caltex aims to extend immersion cooling technology beyond IDCs, exploring applications in collaboration with electric vehicle and battery companies. The company is developing specialized immersion cooling products tailored to diverse industrial fields. As the market evolves, immersion coolants are anticipated to play a vital role in energy-efficient solutions for electric vehicle batteries, fast chargers, and energy storage systems. A GS Caltex official expressed the company’s commitment to expanding thermal management solutions across various energy-efficient industrial domains.

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