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Gogoro Launches JEGO, Targeting the Affordable Electric Scooter Segment

The new JEGO model prioritizes practicality with extended maintenance intervals and customizable battery options, challenging mainstream commuter vehicles
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Gogoro has unveiled its new electric scooter, the Gogoro JEGO, targeting the competitive green-label market with a focus on affordability and practicality. Positioned as the successor to the Gogoro VIVA, the JEGO is designed for consumers seeking dependable, eco-friendly transport without a high cost. It aims to be the preferred choice for daily commuters, offering increased storage, longer maintenance intervals, and flexible battery options.

Entering a crowded field that includes Gogoro’s VIVA series and Kymco’s Gwangyang, the JEGO emphasizes practicality and ease of use. It features a motor that is both low-maintenance and high-speed, requires service only every 5,000 kilometers, provides more foot space, and has a substantial 22.3-liter storage capacity. While it may lack the advanced smart features of Gogoro’s premium models, the JEGO retains essential functions like dual-disc brakes and a customizable battery setup, promising a range more than double that of the VIVA.

The JEGO signifies a strategic shift for Gogoro, simplifying its technology to focus on essentials such as range, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly design. This approach aligns with a broader industry trend that seems to be reevaluating the inherent value of ‘smart’ features, suggesting a market shift towards preferences for simplicity and reliability over high-tech embellishments. The launch of the JEGO indicates Gogoro’s nuanced strategy to expand its market presence, concentrating on fundamental features that resonate most with contemporary electric scooter consumers.

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