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GLOE Acquires Distribution Technology Laboratory to Expand Live Streaming Business

Acquisition aims to leverage synergies in video streaming and gaming sectors, with minimal immediate financial impact
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On June 28, GLOE announced its acquisition of shares in Distribution Technology Laboratory, the provider of the live streaming data analysis tool “Giken Access.” The acquisition, achieved through a third-party allotment of new shares, will make Distribution Technology Laboratory a subsidiary of GLOE. The acquisition price has not been disclosed.

Distribution Technology Laboratory is well-regarded for its technical expertise and extensive knowledge of domestic live streaming. Its flagship product, “Giken Access,” offers data analysis and technical support to streamers, fostering an environment conducive to creating engaging live streaming content. The company has seen steady growth by supporting numerous streamers.

The domestic video streaming market, projected to reach 525 billion yen in 2023 according to the Digital Content Association of Japan, is poised for continued expansion. Video streaming’s synergy with gaming and e-sports presents a promising new business avenue for GLOE.

GLOE believes that making Distribution Technology Laboratory a subsidiary will accelerate its business growth, particularly in brand production services that collaborate with various broadcasters. This strategic acquisition aims to bolster the development of the GLOE Group.

As Distribution Technology Laboratory becomes a consolidated subsidiary, its financial performance will be included in GLOE’s consolidated financial results starting from the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ending October 2024. While the immediate impact on GLOE’s financial results is expected to be minor, the company has committed to promptly disclosing any significant updates.




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