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Giga-Byte Sees Record Revenue Surge on AI Server Demand

June revenue reaches NT$22.932 billion, driven by a 137.7% year-on-year increase
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Giga-Byte Technology announced remarkable financial results for June, reporting a consolidated revenue of NT$22.932 billion, marking the busiest June in its history. This represents a 2% month-on-month increase and an impressive 137.7% surge from the same period last year. The company’s second-quarter consolidated revenue reached NT$73.933 billion, achieving a new single-quarter high with a 34% quarterly increase and a staggering 182.93% year-on-year rise. For the first half of the year, Gigabyte reported a consolidated revenue of NT$129.085 billion, up 136.99% annually.

Chairman Yeh Pei-Chen is optimistic about the company’s performance in the second half of the year, attributing the significant revenue growth to the high unit price of AI servers. He asserted that as revenue grows, profits will inevitably follow, predicting a notable increase in net earnings per share. Yeh highlighted that alongside AI servers, traditional PC channels, including motherboards and graphics cards, have also shown signs of recovery.

Moreover, Giga-Byte’s introduction of new AI PC products is expected to drive further growth in the second half, with a more pronounced replacement cycle anticipated next year. Yeh expressed confidence in the company’s ability to meet the rising demand, stating that production capacity can be scaled up as needed, particularly with rapid expansions in back-end assembly at the Taoyuan factory.

With the AI market burgeoning, Giga-Byte is poised to capitalize on this trend, not only boosting revenue but also enhancing value. The company is strategically positioned to secure AI server orders without resorting to low-price competition, ensuring a significant contribution to gross profit margins and robust financial health moving forward.



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