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GENDA to Acquire Full Ownership of Citram, Expanding Footprint in Alcoholic Beverage Market

Acquisition aims to integrate Citram’s retail strength and optimize GENDA’s supply chain
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GENDA announced plans to acquire additional shares in Citram, a company specializing in the import, wholesale, and domestic sales of alcoholic beverages. Having already secured 20% of Citram’s shares, GENDA intends to acquire the remaining 130 shares, thus aiming for complete ownership. This move will see the issuance of 1,990,005 new GENDA shares, with each Citram share being exchanged for 16,583.75 GENDA shares.

Founded in December 2016, Citram is known as the official sales agent in Japan for Kleiner Feigling, a liqueur popular among young consumers. The brand has gained traction in restaurants and karaoke venues, celebrated as a fun and visually appealing party drink. The rise in home consumption has also boosted its retail presence, with significant sales through major liquor stores. Additionally, Kleiner Feigling leverages collaborations with anime, characters, and music events to enhance its market appeal.

The acquisition is set to bolster GENDA’s food and beverage division. This move will serve as a strategic entry point into the growing spirits and liqueur sector. Citram’s established retail network will enhance GENDA’s retail capabilities, and its history of successful IP collaborations aligns with GENDA’s entertainment platform, enriching the customer experience. Integrating Citram’s supply chain with GENDA’s operations will streamline and enhance efficiency across the group.

By acquiring Citram, GENDA aims to solidify its position in the alcoholic beverage market while leveraging synergies to provide enhanced entertainment experiences to its customers.

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