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Furyu Reports 2.3% Decline in May Sales, Ending 17-Month Growth Streak

Temporary delays in product releases and shorter Golden Week impact monthly performance
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Furyu Corporation announced on June 19 that its sales for May 2024 totaled 3.165 billion yen, marking a 2.3% decline compared to the same month last year. This decline ends the company’s 17 consecutive months of year-on-year sales growth. Cumulative sales for April and May also turned negative, showing a slight decrease of 0.3% to 6.711 billion yen.

In a breakdown of the company’s performance by business segment, the World View Business saw an 8.0% drop in sales, totaling 1.796 billion yen. This decrease was primarily attributed to a delay in the release of high-end hobby products, which the company suggests is a temporary setback. However, domestic crane game prizes continued to perform well within this segment.

Conversely, the girls’ trend business experienced a 3.0% increase, reaching 1.074 billion yen in sales. Despite this growth, the total number of plays decreased by 15.3%. This decline is attributed to two main factors: a rebound in demand due to the change in COVID-19 classification last year, and a shorter Golden Week holiday by one day compared to the previous year.

Furyu remains optimistic about overcoming these temporary challenges and expects to resume its growth trajectory in the coming months as it adjusts its product release schedule and adapts to changing market conditions.




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