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Fortune Electric’s Export Sales Surge, Eyeing Double-Digit Growth Next Year

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Fortune Electric, a heavy power plant giant, is witnessing a remarkable surge in its business, with a 40% increase in current orders compared to last year. The company’s general manager, Xu Yide, attributes this growth to what he terms as “three pillars”: robust export sales, Taiwan Power Grid Strengthening, and green energy transformation efforts. Notably, exports, especially to the United States, are the primary profit drivers, contributing to more than half of Fortune Electric’s profits.

With an eye on the future, Fortune Electric anticipates a double-digit growth in performance next year. Legal experts project that export sales will constitute 40% of the company’s revenue in the coming year, while its production capacity is slated for a 30 to 40% increase.

Fortune Electric’s impressive revenue of 11.325 billion yuan in the first 11 months of this year was mainly driven by transformer products, which accounted for 71.39% of its sales. Other significant contributors include switchboards and engineering turnkey projects.

The U.S. market has been particularly lucrative for Fortune Electric due to the availability of subsidies during construction stages such as power plants. This advantage has led to a high demand for urgent orders from U.S. customers.

In preparation for the anticipated demand, Fortune Electric is not only focusing on scaling its production capacity but also on enhancing its capital expenditure, which is set to be several times higher than previous years. The company has already started receiving orders for 2026, emphasizing the need for strategic approaches like factory intelligence and three-shift manpower to meet market demands efficiently. This forward-looking approach underscores Fortune Electric’s commitment to sustaining its growth trajectory in the highly competitive global energy sector.

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