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Football Manager 2024 Hits 7 Million Players Milestone

Celebrating 20 years, the latest edition introduces Japanese leagues and launches on Netflix
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Sega has announced a milestone for Football Manager 2024, with over 7 million players globally since its release on November 7, 2023. This achievement sets a new speed record for the series’ player base growth. Developed by Sports Interactive, the game is renowned for its detailed soccer club management simulation, offering control over 2,500 teams across more than 50 regions.

Marking the series’ 20th anniversary, Football Manager 2024 introduced Japanese language support and included the J League for the first time. This expansion features the Meiji Yasuda J1, J2, and J3 Leagues, along with official logos, kits, and player photos for the 2023 season. This development is part of the series’ broader strategy to diversify accessible devices and business models, which now includes a launch on Netflix.

Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson shared the team’s pride in reaching the 7 million player mark and their commitment to innovation. Jacobson highlighted future plans for the game, including engine migration and the introduction of women’s soccer. This milestone underscores the series’ enduring popularity and its ongoing evolution to offer players new and immersive ways to experience soccer management.

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