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Ever Supreme Bio Technology Reports Record Profits and Announces Historic Dividend

Boosted by non-industry income and efficient cell manufacturing, Ever Supreme Bio Technology sets a new profitability benchmark, with optimistic projections for continued growth
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Ever Supreme Bio Technology, a pioneer in regenerative medicine, unveiled its impressive 2023 financial achievements, setting a new precedent with a record after-tax net profit of 539 million yuan and an earnings per share (EPS) of 7.24 yuan. The company’s success was significantly bolstered by substantial non-industry income, contributing to the highest profitability in its history. In alignment with these strong financial results, the board has endorsed an unprecedented dividend distribution of 7 yuan per share, split into a 6 yuan cash dividend and a 1 yuan stock dividend, marking the highest dividend payout Ever Supreme Bio Technology has ever declared.

Chairman Liu Zhuqi highlighted the company’s strategic advancements in cell therapy, which have broadened the treatment options available to healthcare providers and patients. The record-breaking financial performance is also attributed to the fruitful collaboration with an expanding network of hospitals and the enhanced productivity in cell contract manufacturing, which together propelled the gross profit margin to an impressive 60%.

Liu emphasized Ever Supreme Bio Technology’s dual-focus strategy, balancing innovative drug development with stringent control measures. The cell contract manufacturing sector of the business is experiencing robust demand, with clear order visibility extending into the fourth quarter. The company is on a growth trajectory, widening its collaboration with hospitals and increasing the number of cell therapy projects.

Anticipating the upcoming physical shareholder meeting on April 30, Ever Supreme Bio Technology is poised to solidify its earnings distribution plan and other strategic agendas. With the introduction of optimized product offerings, the company is confidently projecting another year of record-breaking profits, underpinned by its commitment to innovation and excellence in the regenerative medicine sector.

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