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EcoPro Co. Achieves Record High-Nickel Cathode Material Exports

South Korean firm's exports surge by 24.4%, fueling batteries for an estimated 1.2 million electric vehicles
South Korea
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EcoPro Co., a prominent South Korean battery materials manufacturer, has reached a significant achievement in its export history. The company announced on Monday that it exported over 100,000 tonnes of high-nickel cathode materials last year, a milestone marking the first time EcoPro has surpassed this volume annually. This achievement represents a substantial 24.4% increase from the 86,000 tonnes exported the previous year.

The impact of this export surge is substantial, equating to enough high-nickel cathode material to produce batteries for approximately 1.2 million electric vehicles. This figure highlights the growing demand and importance of high-quality battery components in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market.

EcoPro’s journey to this landmark began with its initial export to Sony in 2013. Since then, the company has seen a steady rise in its export volumes, from 16,000 tonnes in 2018, doubling to 28,000 tonnes in 2020, and further increasing to 47,000 tonnes in 2021. This consistent growth trajectory underscores EcoPro’s expanding influence and capability in the global battery materials market.

Looking ahead, EcoPro is optimistic about its export prospects, projecting an export volume of around 120,000 tonnes for the current year. This forecast aligns with the increasing global shift towards electric vehicles and the corresponding demand for high-performance battery materials. EcoPro’s success in this sector positions the company as a key player in supporting the transition to cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions worldwide.

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