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E.SUN Bank Receives Approval to Establish Branch in Kumamoto, Japan

Taiwan's Yushan Bank expands into Japan's semiconductor hub to support local and Taiwanese businesses
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E.SUN Bank has announced the approval from Japan’s Financial Services Agency to open a branch in Kumamoto, with the branch set to begin operations in October. This move follows TSMC’s establishment of a factory in Japan, attracting significant interest from Taiwanese financial institutions.

Kumamoto, the second largest county in Kyushu, has become a critical center for semiconductor, manufacturing, logistics, and software industries. The new Kumamoto branch aims to support these sectors and Taiwanese businesses operating in the region. Yushan Bank also plans to assist enterprises looking to expand into Fukuoka and Kumamoto.

E.SUN Bank, which opened a Fukuoka branch in July 2023, highlights Kyushu’s significance as a hub for Japan’s semiconductor and automobile industries. The bank’s presence in Kumamoto will enhance services for the semiconductor supply chain and local customer groups. In collaboration with the Fukuoka branch, Kyushu Financial Group, and local chambers of commerce, E.SUN Bank aims to provide comprehensive financial services, industry insights, and business opportunities.

E.SUN Bank’s strategy focuses on deepening its presence in Taiwan and expanding throughout Asia. With 31 bases in 10 countries, including a new office in Kuala Lumpur opening in July, E.SUN Bank is committed to creating a robust financial services platform in Asia, aspiring to be a benchmark bank in the region.



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