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E.SUN Bank and Chunghwa Post Launch E.SUN Wallet Linked to Postal Savings Accounts

New service offers seamless payments at over 420,000 merchants and bill payments via QR Code
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E.SUN Bank has partnered with Chunghwa Post to launch the E.SUN Wallet payment service, enabling users to link their postal savings accounts to the app. Announced today, this collaboration allows users with postal savings accounts to make payments at more than 420,000 Taiwan Pay and TWQR entities, online stores, and major supermarkets nationwide. Additionally, users can pay daily bills, such as water, electricity, gas, tuition, and fuel expenses, using a QR Code.

This initiative marks the first time an electronic payment bank in Taiwan has linked postal savings accounts for electronic payments. Non-E.SUN Bank customers can now use the E.SUN Wallet by downloading the app, linking it to their postal savings accounts, and completing the setup with their post office network account password and SMS verification.

To celebrate the launch, E.SUN Bank is offering promotions until July 31. Users who bind their postal savings accounts and make a payment of 100 yuan or more using the QR Code for bills will receive 1,000 yuan in shopping credits. Additionally, purchases made before June 30 are eligible for random cash discounts of up to 100%, with single discounts reaching up to 1,000 yuan.

E.SUN Wallet, known for integrating credit cards and electronic payments, offers features like instant card binding, transaction notifications, and account inquiries. The collaboration with Chunghwa Post is expected to enhance the convenience and diversity of non-cash payment options for daily life, reinforcing E.SUN Wallet’s position as the preferred choice for consumer payments in Taiwan.

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