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E Ink Holdings Faces Short-Term Challenges Amid ESL Transition, Chairman Expresses Caution for Q4

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E Ink Holdings, a prominent player in the e-paper industry, recently disclosed its historic Q3 profits. However, Chairman Li Zhenghao expressed caution about the upcoming quarter, attributing it to challenges in transitioning from 3 to 4 colors in ESL technology. Li acknowledged a less optimistic Q4 outlook due to prolonged ESL conversion timelines and delayed consumer adoption of color eReaders, affecting operations into Q1 2024.

In the Q3 online press conference, E Ink reported a 16% YoY decline in consolidated revenue, reaching 6.821 billion yuan. Net profit attributable to the parent company was 2.4 billion yuan, with a single-quarter after-tax earnings per share (EPS) of 2.10 yuan. Despite the short-term hurdles, E Ink Holdings’ cumulative revenue for the first three quarters recorded 21.287 billion yuan, marking a marginal annual decrease of 1%. The net profit, totaling 6.576 billion yuan, reflects the second-highest record in the company’s history.

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