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DGB Financial Group Launches Hi Asset Management Asia in Singapore

HiAMA set to unveil new Asian funds, aiming to establish a strong foothold in the global financial landscape through strategic investments
South Korea
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DGB Financial Group, a prominent South Korean entity, has officially marked its international expansion by inaugurating its first overseas subsidiary, Hi Asset Management Asia (HiAMA), in Singapore. Under the leadership of Choi Young-wook, a seasoned executive with substantial experience in Singapore’s financial sector, HiAMA is poised to commence its operations with the launch of new Asian funds scheduled for March 15.

This strategic move is designed to harness HiAMA’s potential, utilizing DGB Financial Group’s extensive networks both domestically and internationally, thereby facilitating the subsidiary’s growth and expansion in the global financial arena. The introduction of these Asian funds is part of a broader strategy to not only establish a reputable track record but also to explore and capitalize on various investment opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions, minority stake investments, and the initiation of loan funds aimed at the global market.

Kim Tae-Oh, the Chairman of DGB Financial Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting HiAMA’s endeavors, underscoring the importance of the Singapore subsidiary in becoming a pivotal hub for the group’s worldwide operations. With a focus on innovative financial solutions and strategic market engagement, HiAMA is set to make significant strides in positioning itself as a key player in the international asset management industry, reflecting DGB Financial Group’s ambitious vision for global market leadership.

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