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Daesang Corp Launches ‘Sweevero’, A New Brand for Alternative Sweeteners

'Sweevero' Targets Global Low-Calorie Sweetener Market, Focusing on North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe
South Korea
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Daesang Corp, a prominent South Korean food company, is set to make waves in the alternative sweetener industry with the launch of its new brand, ‘Sweevero’. This brand represents a blend of the words “sweetness” and the Italian “vero”, symbolizing ‘true sweetness’. Sweevero is specifically designed to cater to the growing market for low-calorie sweeteners like allulose.

The company’s strategic plan involves leading the global low-calorie sweetener market, with a particular emphasis on North America, the largest market for such products. Additionally, Daesang is looking to explore opportunities in burgeoning markets in Southeast Asia and Europe.

In its domestic market, South Korea, Daesang is expanding its business-to-consumer allulose operations under the CheongJeongWon brand. To support this expansion and meet the increasing demand, the company has established the largest allulose production facility in South Korea at its Gunsan starch factory.

Kim Tae-yong, head of Daesang’s ingredient marketing team, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging its 67 years of expertise in ingredient technology. By introducing innovative and differentiated products, Daesang aims to carve a niche for itself in the competitive global sweetener market. This move by Daesang Corp signifies a major step in their long-term strategy to become a key player in the international food ingredient sector, focusing on healthier and low-calorie alternatives.

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