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Cosmax Unveils AI-Powered Smart Color Matching System for Cosmetics

Innovative Technology Aims to Revolutionize Makeup Product Development
South Korea
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Cosmax Inc., South Korea’s leading cosmetics manufacturer specializing in original design manufacturing (ODM), has announced the development of an advanced AI-based Smart Color Matching System. This innovative system, which took three years to develop, promises to transform the makeup product development process.

The color matching process, traditionally dependent on the expertise and experience of researchers, involves fine-tuning the type and amount of pigments to achieve the desired shade. This process is notably time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Cosmax’s new AI system utilizes deep learning technology to convert the full spectrum of colors perceivable by the human eye into quantifiable data. By accurately measuring color differences, the AI system can predict the outcomes of new formulations without the need for direct experimentation. This advancement significantly streamlines the color matching process, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Initially, the AI color matching system will be deployed for color-sensitive products such as eyeshadows and blushes. Cosmax plans to gradually extend its application to other makeup categories, including lipsticks and foundations, broadening the impact of this cutting-edge technology.

With this AI-driven approach, Cosmax is set to lead the way in innovative cosmetics manufacturing, leveraging artificial intelligence to improve product development speed and accuracy. This development marks a significant milestone in the cosmetics industry, promising to enhance the quality and consistency of makeup products for consumers worldwide.

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