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Cosmax Group Unveils Advanced Bio R&D Center to Spearhead Cosmetic Innovation

New facility aims to revolutionize skincare through AI and microbiome research
South Korea
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Cosmax Group, a leader in the global cosmetics industry from South Korea, has taken a significant step forward by launching the Cosmax Bio Foundry (CosmaxBF), an integrated research and development center. This new facility is set to become a hub of innovation, merging the company’s extensive bio-research capabilities with the goal of pioneering groundbreaking cosmetic solutions. The center brings together over 100 researchers from Cosmax’s internal teams and prestigious external academic and research institutions, facilitating an unprecedented collaborative effort in the cosmetics sector.

The establishment of CosmaxBF is a testament to Cosmax’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cosmetic research and development. Since its foray into skin microbiome research in 2011, Cosmax has been a pioneer, achieving significant milestones such as launching the world’s first microbiome-based cosmetics in 2019. Building on this success, CosmaxBF is poised to deliver cutting-edge bio-research outcomes. Among the anticipated innovations are an AI-driven skin microbiome customization platform and breakthroughs in understanding human skin epidermal lipids, mechanisms of male pattern baldness, scalp aging, and the development of skin organoid models.

This initiative not only reinforces Cosmax’s position as an industry leader in cosmetic ODM but also underscores its dedication to leveraging scientific advancements for the creation of personalized, effective skincare solutions. With the launch of CosmaxBF, the company is setting new standards for innovation in the beauty industry, promising exciting developments for consumers and the broader market.

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