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Compal’s Q3 Earnings Rise Amid Diversification Efforts

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Compal Electronics recorded a third-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of 0.55 yuan, reflecting a quarterly increase of 14.58% and an annual increase of 17.02%. In the first three quarters, the cumulative EPS was 1.35 yuan, marking an annual decrease of 5.59%. The operating team expresses optimism for a rise in non-PC products in Q4, counterbalanced by a single-digit percentage decrease in PC products. Ongoing efforts to optimize the product mix and expedite new business contributions remain a priority.

Compal attributes its Q3 revenue of 251.714 billion yuan to the support of emerging businesses such as computer products, automotive electronics, and 5G communications. While quarterly revenue rose by 3%, it experienced an annual decrease of 14%. The gross profit margin increased to 4.46%, with a quarterly rise of 0.11 percentage points and an annual increase of 0.69 percentage points. Operating and net profit margins also saw positive movements.

For the first three quarters of this year, Compal’s total revenue was 705.044 billion yuan, noting an annual decrease of 14%. The company emphasizes a focus on non-PC products, targeting increased profits, and aims for double-digit percentage growth quarter by quarter.

The operating team maintains a performance ratio of approximately 45:55 for the first and second half of 2023, with an increased emphasis on non-PC products.

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