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CJ CheilJedang’s Gourmet Soba Chicken Exceeds 30 Billion Won in Sales Within 6 Months of Launch

South Korea
c 097950.KO Mid and Small Cap 2000
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CJ CheilJedang’s frozen convenience offering, ‘Gourmet Soba Chicken’, has hit over 30 billion won in cumulative sales within just six months of its debut. The success is attributed to its distinctive taste quality, which overcomes frozen chicken’s usual limitations. The innovative ‘sauce coating’ technology and a special soy sauce with honey contribute to its crispy texture and harmonious ‘sweet and salty’ flavor. Additionally, the product’s affordability in bundles further enhances its appeal. CJ CheilJedang plans to establish a global production base for Gourmet Soba Chicken’s international expansion, with the brand poised to lead the evolving frozen chicken market.

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