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Chung Hwa Pulp Optimistic Despite Q3 Losses, Cites Recovery in Paper Sales and Positive Market Outlook

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Chung Hwa Pulp, a leading pulp and paper manufacturer, addressed Q3 financial performance, revealing a revenue of CN¥4.98 billion, unchanged from Q2. Despite a Q3 after-tax loss of CN¥182 million and a loss per share (EPS) of CN¥0.17, there’s a positive outlook. For the first three quarters, consolidated revenue reached CN¥15.5 billion, with an after-tax loss of CN¥728 million and a loss per share of CN¥0.67.

The challenges included high wood chip prices impacting operating costs and a cautious market atmosphere, affecting both pulp and paper prices. However, Q3 saw increased client purchases, signaling a market recovery. While global complexities persist, pulp prices are rebounding, contributing to an optimistic Q4 projection. Non-industry dividend income and exchange brought in CN¥190 million in Q3.

Looking ahead, Chung Hwa Pulp plans to adjust paper product quotations, reflecting costs. Additionally, the company emphasizes green initiatives, expanding green fiber materials and promoting sustainable products. It aims to enhance efficiency through smart manufacturing, incorporating digital AI technologies for real-time quality management—an essential move toward Manufacturing 4.1.

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