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Celltrion Secures Norwegian Tender for Autoimmune Disease Treatments

The South Korean biopharmaceutical giant wins a key contract to supply Remsima SC and Yuflyma in Norway, aiming to expand in the Nordic region
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Celltrion Inc., a leading South Korean biopharmaceutical company, has successfully won a government tender in Norway to supply its autoimmune disease treatments, Remsima SC (a biosimilar to infliximab) and Yuflyma (a biosimilar to Humira), from this month until 2026. This development marks a significant milestone for Celltrion as it seeks to enhance its presence in the European market, particularly in the Nordic countries, known for their robust healthcare systems and policies favoring the adoption of biosimilars.

Norway’s forward-looking approach to healthcare, emphasizing the use of biosimilars to improve medical accessibility and reduce financial burdens on the healthcare system, has set a conducive environment for Celltrion. The Norwegian government’s policies and regulations supporting biosimilars have paved the way for Celltrion to expand the prescription base for its treatments.

Celltrion’s strategy involves direct sales of these products through its local subsidiary, ensuring a streamlined supply and availability of these critical treatments in Norway. Moreover, the company is committed to an evidence-based marketing approach, planning to collaborate closely with Norwegian healthcare authorities and institutions to gather and leverage prescription data. This data-driven strategy is expected to not only bolster Celltrion’s position in Norway but also serve as a springboard for expanding its market reach across the entire Nordic region.

By focusing on securing prescription data and engaging in evidence-based marketing, Celltrion aims to demonstrate the efficacy and value of its biosimilar treatments, thereby increasing their adoption and usage. This contract with the Norwegian government is a testament to Celltrion’s growing influence in the global biopharmaceutical industry and its commitment to providing accessible, effective treatment options for autoimmune diseases.

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