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Bushiroad Unveils New Band “Yume Gendai My Tape” in BanG Dream! Project

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Bushiroad has unveiled a new band, “Yume Gendai My Tape,” as part of the BanG Dream! project. This band, transcending the realms of virtual dreams and real-world reality, features members Arare Nakamachi, Nonoka Miyanaga, Ritsu Minezuki, Fujitsuko, and Yuno Sengoku. The debut live performances are scheduled for November 18th and 19th.

The activities of “Yume Gendai My Tape,” pronounced as “Mugendai Myu Taipu,” extend beyond virtual platforms like live streaming and YouTube videos. The band members will actively engage in playing musical instruments, showcasing their talents. The first live event, “Metamorphose,” is set to take place in 2024.

Debut Distribution Schedule:

  • November 18th (Sat): 21:00~ Fujitsuko / 21:30~ Sengoku Yuno
  • November 19th (Sun): 20:00~ Nonoka Miyanaga / 20:30~ Minezuki Ritsu / 21:00~ Nakamachi Arare

Bushiroad Unveils New Band “Yume Gendai My Tape” in BanG Dream! Project: image 1


For more details, visit the official page and Twitter of “Yume Gendai My Tape,” along with their official YouTube channel.




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