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AUO Unveils Transparent Micro LED Displays at ISE 2024

New Technology Enhances Business and Commercial Applications with Advanced Interactivity
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AUO, a leader in display technology, announced its debut of a series of transparent Micro LED displays at the 2024 Integrated Systems Show Europe (ISE). This innovative lineup includes a standout 60-inch transparent Micro LED display, suitable for a wide range of applications such as electronic signage, commercial displays, and business conference rooms. These displays are also ideal for specialized environments like airport control rooms and factory settings.

AUO’s Micro LED transparent display technology boasts over 60% transmittance and a wide viewing angle, offering flexibility, bendability, seamless splicing, and customizable shapes and sizes. This technology transcends the traditional constraints of display size and shape, fulfilling diverse and multi-dimensional application requirements. A notable feature at the show will be a 30-inch transparent Micro LED display equipped with touch functionality, enhancing interactivity and user experience.

Furthermore, AUO, in collaboration with its subsidiary Daqing, will showcase the next generation of smart conference room solutions. These include new smart portable touch displays, interactive flat panel displays, and an impressive 135-inch all-in-one AIO LED display. The smart portable touch display, premiering at ISE 2024, offers multi-touch and flexible mobility features for dynamic meeting environments. The meeting space management solution integrates office space inquiry, reservation, and management processes, automating them to provide a more adaptable and efficient working mode.

AUO’s Chief Technology Officer, Liao Weilun, expressed that participating in ISE is an excellent opportunity to position AUO as a frontrunner in Micro LED technology in the European market. With over a decade invested in the research and development of Micro LED technology, AUO is optimistic about its potential and significant advantages. The company anticipates Micro LED will emerge as the mainstream trend in next-generation display technology.

ISE 2024, set to be held from January 30 to February 2 at the Gran Vía Exhibition Hall in Fira Barcelona, Spain, will be a pivotal platform for showcasing these groundbreaking technologies. This event marks a significant milestone for AUO, as it demonstrates its commitment to innovation and leadership in the evolving world of display technology.

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