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AUO Partners with Nitron Display for 6-Inch Micro LED Production Line

Nitron-KY's Nitron Display collaborates with AUO to build a 6-inch Micro LED COC production line in Longtan, addressing high market demand
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LED manufacturer Nitron-KY has revealed that its subsidiary, Nitron Display, will team up with AUO to establish a 6-inch Micro LED (micro-LED) Chip On Carrier (COC) production line in Longtan, involving a total transaction amount of 700 million yuan. This venture aims to expedite the balancing of profits and losses in the operation. Given the robust demand and limited supply in the global Micro LED market, Nitron’s prior successful cooperation with Epistar Optoelectronics on a turnkey project last year has encouraged the pursuit of similar models. Recognizing the significance of the Micro LED industry in Taiwan, Nitron seeks to strengthen its industrial ties with AUO, effectively meeting the surging production capacity requirements. Concurrently, Nitron remains committed to investing in next-generation technologies to foster further growth in the Micro LED sector.

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