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Aten International Foresees Revenue Uplift in Q2 Amidst Market Recovery and New Product Launches

With Negotiations for New Projects Underway, Aten Anticipates Year-on-Year Growth Bolstered by Professional AV Market Dynamics
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Aten International, a key player in the global Information Technology (IT) and Professional Audio-Visual (AV) equipment market, is set to navigate through the challenges posed by global geopolitics and inflation with a positive outlook for the upcoming quarters. The company’s resilience is attributed to the gradual recovery of the upstream supply chain and the negotiation of numerous projects, coupled with the robust growth momentum of the professional AV market. The anticipated launch of new products is expected to usher in new business opportunities, setting the stage for a promising increase in single-quarter revenue from the second quarter onward.

Despite experiencing a dip in revenue in February to NT$365 million, a 7.3% decrease from the previous year, Aten International remains cautiously optimistic about the market’s potential for recovery and sustained project demand. The company’s strategic focus on diversifying its product portfolio to cater to various applications, such as situation rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants, and content creation, is expected to significantly contribute to its sales performance.

Notably, Aten International is gearing up to capitalize on Olympic-related themes, eyeing potential business opportunities in the sports bar sector. This initiative reflects Aten’s agility in leveraging global events to drive growth and reinforce its market position.

For the fiscal year 2023, Aten International reported consolidated revenue of NT$5.156 billion, with an earnings per share (EPS) of NT$4.73. In line with its financial performance, the company plans to reward its shareholders with a total cash dividend of NT$4.3 per share, underscoring its commitment to delivering shareholder value amidst evolving market conditions.

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