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ASUS Revolutionizes Handheld Ultrasound with New AI-Assisted Features

ASUS Introduces Voice and AI-Enhanced Ultrasound Functions, Streamlining Medical Diagnostics
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ASUS has unveiled three groundbreaking AI-assisted functionalities for its handheld ultrasound devices, set to significantly streamline the scanning process for medical professionals. These enhancements, which incorporate “AI Voice Control,” “AI Smart Preset,” and “AI Auto Measurement,” leverage voice commands and AI computing to simplify the traditionally complex task of performing ultrasound scans.

With AI Voice Control, doctors can adjust over 20 ultrasound parameters simply by speaking, eliminating the need for manual adjustments during the examination. The AI Smart Preset function automatically identifies the scan site and adjusts the settings to provide optimized images, while AI Auto Measurement calculates measurement values in real-time during scans, reducing the need for time-consuming manual measurements.

Scheduled for release before the end of February, these AI features will be accessible through an update to the ASUS MediConnect App, available on Google Play and the App Store. This update represents a significant advancement in making medical diagnostics more efficient and patient-centered.

Zhang Quande, ASUS Computers’ Global Vice President, emphasized the shift in the medical care paradigm towards decentralized, patient-centered care. He highlighted the challenges of manpower and equipment shortages in out-of-hospital settings and stressed ASUS’s commitment to addressing these issues through AI-driven solutions.

The integration of AI technology into handheld ultrasound devices is a testament to the ongoing innovation in smart healthcare. By enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of medical equipment, ASUS aims to free up valuable resources for healthcare professionals, allowing them to dedicate more attention to patient care and improve the overall quality of medical services.

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