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ASUS Faces Data Leak Due to System Configuration Error

Company assures no significant operational or financial impact from the incident
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ASUSTek Computer Inc., a leading PC brand manufacturer, reported on the evening of the 25th that a configuration error in its information systems potentially led to the leakage of product-related data. The company identified issues with parameter settings that may have exposed sensitive information.

ASUS acted swiftly by reviewing access logs and tracing any data that might have been exposed due to the incorrect configuration. The company has initiated measures to enhance internal information security controls and implement stringent security requirements for suppliers. ASUS is also committed to ongoing management and review of supplier and configuration management practices.

Emphasizing its dedication to data security, ASUS announced that it will conduct a thorough review of its existing information architecture. The goal is to bolster the security awareness among its employees and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of its data.

ASUS anticipates that this incident will not have a significant impact on its operations or financial performance, maintaining stability despite the security lapse. The company reassures stakeholders of its commitment to safeguarding information and mitigating future risks.

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