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ASE Group Anticipates Positive Growth in Semiconductor Industry for Next Year

ASE foresees improved conditions in the semiconductor industry for the upcoming year, driven by AI packaging investment and strong orders
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Leading packaging and testing company ASE Group held a press conference today. The company believes that the digestion of industrial inventory is nearing completion. The semiconductor industry environment next year will be better than this year, and investment control revenue will grow compared with this year. Investment in AI advanced packaging is expected to drive advanced packaging revenue to double this year.

Benefiting from continued orders from Apple, coupled with continued growth in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and urgent orders, legal persons estimate that ASE Investment Holdings’ fourth-quarter revenue is expected to grow slightly by 2% to 3% compared with the third quarter, approximately between NT$158 billion and NT$159 billion, and this year’s revenue growth target is expected to be achieved quarter by quarter.

ASE Investment Holdings today released its fourth-quarter financial forecast. Based on its assessment of current business conditions and exchange rate assumptions, if priced in New Taiwan dollars, ATM revenue in the fourth quarter will decrease to a mid-single-digit percentage quarter-on-quarter ( Approximately 3% to 5%), the gross profit margin is equivalent to the third quarter gross profit margin of 16.2%, EMS revenue will grow by a low double-digit percentage quarterly (approximately 11 to 13%), and the operating profit rate can be higher than that of EMS in the first three quarters of this year Business gross profit margin is similar or even slightly increased.

Dong Hongsi, chief financial officer of ASE, mentioned that although packaging and testing revenue declined slightly in the fourth quarter, the average utilization rate dropped slightly from the 65% in the previous quarter. However, due to continued urgent orders from customers, the digestion of industry inventory is nearing completion. Personal computer chips There are signs of recovery in packaging and testing, and the performance of automotive chip packaging and testing will be better than other projects.

Regarding the advanced packaging required by generative AI, Dong Hongsi stated that ASE Investment Holdings is optimistic about the future demand for AI and will continue to invest in advanced AI packaging. It is estimated that the revenue contributed by advanced packaging next year will double compared with this year.

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