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AfreecaTV Launches ‘V All Stars’ Virtual Music Audition in Collaboration with Shop Fanpic

AfreecaTV partners with Shop Fanpic to introduce 'V All Stars,' a virtual music audition, showcasing the platform's commitment to virtual content amid rising popularity of virtual YouTubers in Korea
South Korea
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AfreecaTV has unveiled ‘V All Stars,’ a virtual music audition program, in collaboration with Shop Fanpic, a multi-channel network (MCN) managing creators and a specialized goods production company for virtual creators. The contest-style initiative gathers virtual broadcasters, known as BJs on AfreecaTV, forming units to undertake music-related missions, adding a dynamic element to the platform’s virtual content landscape.

Initially launched on Twitch and YouTube by Shop Fanpic, the event has now shifted its focus to AfreecaTV following Twitch’s withdrawal. AfreecaTV’s active involvement in this initiative signals a strategic move to attract new virtual broadcasters from other platforms, leveraging its platform as a stage for emerging talents.

In Korea, virtual broadcasters, often referred to as virtual YouTubers, utilize 3D avatar characters and employ methods such as motion capture to communicate with viewers. Originating from Japan’s ‘Kizuna Ai,’ virtual YouTubers gained significant traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, spreading across various platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and AfreecaTV.

The success story of ‘Idol from Another World,’ supported by MCN ‘Parable Entertainment,’ exemplifies the fusion of virtual broadcasting and the entertainment industry. Operating as a ‘virtual K-pop group,’ the six members not only achieve success on music charts but also garner popularity as individual broadcasters. The collaborative efforts with the gaming industry, such as Netmarble’s live online broadcast featuring virtual idol members at ‘G-Star 2023,’ underline the potential for linked marketing strategies.

While virtual YouTubers may not have mainstream industry recognition, they excel in captivating and engaging audiences, showcasing the power of Intellectual Property (IP) fandom business. The success of virtual YouTubers aligns with the growing trend of web novels, webtoons, and other forms of digital content that have gained prominence in the evolving media landscape.

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