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AcBel Polytech Anticipates 30% Q4 Revenue Surge Amid Mergers, Q3 Shows Quarterly Profit Boost

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AcBel Polytech, a power supply unit under Kinpo Group, posted Q3 earnings per share (EPS) at ¥0.1, marking a 233% quarterly increase and an 86.84% annual decrease. Cumulatively, the first three quarters saw an EPS of ¥0.2, reflecting an 86.2% annual decrease. With Q3 revenue at ¥9.784 billion, a 104% quarterly surge and a 48% annual increase, AcBel Polytech anticipates a Q4 revenue spike of more than 30% due to ongoing mergers and acquisitions.

The Q3 gross profit margin reached 22.2%, rising 3.4 percentage points quarterly and 6.2 percentage points annually. The operating profit margin increased 1.4 percentage points both quarterly and annually, reaching 2.2%. The net profit margin saw a 0.5 percentage point quarterly increase but a 5.2 percentage point annual decrease, settling at 0.8%.

Revenue distribution in Q3 showcased robust performance in corporate power supplies, contributing 46% annually. Consumer power supplies, accounting for 27%, reported an 18% annual decrease. Enterprises power consumption and newly added telecom power supply grew 39% and 334% annually, respectively. New business performance, including metal stamping, increased by 34% quarterly and 11% annually.

AcBel Polytech’s strategic merger with ABB Group’s power supply division has expanded new business proportions to 4% of total revenue, with telecommunications power supply representing 22%. The optimistic operations team foresees improved results in the upcoming year.

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