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MediaTek to Utilize TSMC’s 3nm Process for New Dimensity Chips, Expands Partnership with Nvidia in Automotive Sector

MediaTek Reinforces Strong Ties with TSMC and Nvidia, Focusing on Mid-Range and Automotive AI Technologies
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MediaTek, a prominent player in the semiconductor industry, has reaffirmed its commitment to using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) advanced 3nm process for its upcoming Dimensity 9400 series chips. This move underscores MediaTek’s continued reliance on TSMC for cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, particularly for products requiring processes below 7nm. Vice Chairman Cai Lixing emphasized the challenge of replacing these advanced processes, highlighting the ongoing close cooperation between MediaTek and TSMC.

In a strategic expansion, MediaTek announced in May its partnership with Nvidia, aiming to penetrate the automotive market. Cai Lixing noted that the collaboration with Nvidia would concentrate on automotive applications. Nvidia, known for its rapid advancements in AI, specializes in high-end products, while MediaTek targets the mid-range segment. This partnership is expected to foster joint developments in automotive cockpits, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and other related products. The interaction between MediaTek and Nvidia has been described as highly positive, with intensive communication and frequent meetings.

Cai Lixing also touched on the potential for future collaboration in AI PC technology. He stressed the importance of mutual trust in partnerships, hinting at more opportunities for cooperation with supply chain partners and customers. With a proven track record of successful collaborations, MediaTek appears poised to continue exploring new ventures and innovations in the rapidly evolving semiconductor and AI landscapes.

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