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LG Energy Solutions and KAIST Breakthrough: Enhanced Lithium Metal Battery Unveiled for Next-Generation Efficiency

LG Energy Solutions and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology jointly develop innovative lithium metal battery technology, overcoming corrosion challenges, and achieving a 50% boost in energy density, promising a 900 km driving range
South Korea
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A groundbreaking leap in battery technology emerges as LG Energy Solutions and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) jointly unveil advancements in lithium metal battery design, aiming to redefine the landscape of next-generation energy storage. The collaborative effort, led by Professor Kim Hee-tak’s team from the Frontier Research Lab (FRL), marks a significant breakthrough after two years of intensive research.

Published in ‘Nature Energy,’ a leading academic journal in the energy field, the study introduces a novel borate-pyran-based liquid electrolyte, a pioneering approach in lithium metal battery research. This electrolyte innovation addresses the persistent challenge of lithium corrosion, a factor limiting the longevity and safety of such batteries.

The experiment results reveal that the new electrolyte successfully prevents corrosion reactions, reorganizing the solid electrolyte layer formed on the lithium metal cathode’s surface during charging and discharging into a dense structure. This not only resolves the corrosion issue but also significantly reduces the weight of the battery cathode and electrolyte.

The newly developed battery boasts a remarkable 50% increase in energy density, providing an impressive 900 km driving range on a single charge. This outperforms existing high-performance electric vehicle batteries, which typically achieve a range of 600 km. Additionally, the enhanced battery exhibits stable lifespan performance, capable of enduring more than 400 recharge cycles.

Professor Hee-tak Kim emphasizes the study’s significance, stating it visualizes the once-deemed unattainable possibility of implementing a liquid electrolyte-based lithium metal battery. LG Energy Solutions’ Vice President, Geun-chang Jeong, expresses optimism, affirming that the collaboration with KAIST brings them a step closer to commercialization. He pledges continued collaboration to develop next-generation batteries, firmly positioning LG Energy Solutions at the forefront of commercialization efforts. Beyond Korea, LG Ensol operates research facilities in Europe and the United States, further solidifying its commitment to advancing battery technology on a global scale.

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