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Winbond and Powertech Team Up to Develop 2.5D/3D Advanced Packaging for AI Applications

New partnership aims to capitalize on AI-driven demand for high-speed computing and advanced packaging
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Winbond Electronics Corporation is seizing AI business opportunities by partnering with Powertech, a leading packaging and testing company, to develop 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging technology. This strategic collaboration targets AI applications and has already entered the client verification stage. The anticipated benefits are expected to materialize significantly next year, marking Winbond’s impactful entry into the AI market.

Industry analysts are optimistic about the growing market demand for advanced packaging. They believe the partnership between Winbond and Powertech will quickly increase their customer base penetration, enhancing their performance. Winbond’s Chairman, Jiao Youjun, highlighted the long-term growth potential of AI applications, projecting that their popularity will continue for over two decades. Winbond, along with its subsidiary Nuvoton, is gearing up to leverage these opportunities with specialized product lines.

In response to the rising demand for advanced packaging driven by AI, Winbond announced its collaboration with Licheng late last year. This partnership focuses on developing 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging solutions to capture AI business opportunities. The client verification process has been positive, and significant benefits are expected in the upcoming year.

The boom in AI development has surged the market demand for broadband and high-speed computing, driving the need for advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. The collaboration with Powertech will enable Winbond to offer 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging services, prioritizing the use of Winbond’s silicon interposers and related products.

Jiao emphasized Taiwan’s strong position in AI development, particularly in cloud computing, and foresees the next wave dominated by edge AI. Winbond aims to transition from merely selling parts to providing comprehensive services, capitalizing on AI opportunities through innovative approaches. Winbond’s DRAM business group has been restructured into a customized memory solutions group, focusing on niche memories like through-silicon via (TSV) and system-in-package (SiP) modules for edge devices. Nuvoton will expand its microcontroller production lines to further exploit AI business opportunities.

General Manager Chen Peiming noted that discussions with customers about four-layer stacking memory, which could replace SRAM in AI-enabled devices, are ongoing, with volume production anticipated in 2026.




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