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Tong Yang Industry Achieves Historic Pre-tax Net Profit of 405 Million Yuan in October, Setting New Records

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Tong Yang Industry, a prominent player in the auto parts manufacturing sector, reported a groundbreaking achievement with a consolidated pre-tax net profit of 405 million yuan in October. This represents a remarkable 78% increase compared to the same period last year, setting an unprecedented record for October in the company’s history.

The stellar performance extends across the cumulative results for the first ten months, where Tong Yang Industry recorded a historic pre-tax net profit of 3.219 billion yuan. This substantial figure reflects a notable 33% increase over the same period in the previous year, surpassing all-time highs. The cumulative pre-tax earnings per share (EPS) stands at an impressive 5.35 yuan.

Tong Yang Industry attributes this success to the heightened market order demand in the fourth quarter, coinciding with the peak season for the automotive parts industry. In response, the company has strategically accelerated production schedules across its factories, ensuring stabilized container shipments and delivering high-quality products to meet the surging market demand.

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