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Marblex Lists MBX Token on Bitget, Announces New NFT Collections

Netmarble's Blockchain Subsidiary Rolls Out MBX Token Trading and Prepares for Upcoming NFT Releases
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Marblex, the blockchain arm of the South Korean gaming giant Netmarble Corp., has taken a significant leap in the cryptocurrency market. On Tuesday, the company announced the listing of its MBX token on Bitget, one of the top-10 global cryptocurrency exchanges. This move marks a strategic expansion of Marblex in the digital currency arena.

As of Wednesday at 9 p.m. KST, users have gained the ability to trade, deposit, and withdraw MBX tokens on Bitget, offering a new avenue for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors to engage with the MBX token.

To mark this milestone, Marblex is hosting a promotional event until 9 p.m. on December 25, during which it will distribute a total of 42,000 MBX tokens to the top traders. This initiative is part of Marblex’s broader strategy to increase user engagement and expand its presence in the crypto trading community.

Looking ahead, Marblex is poised to further enrich its digital offerings. The company plans to unveil two new collections in the first quarter of the next year. These collections, “Puzzle NFT” and “Lunar Animals NFT”, will be part of the “Marblership NFT” series. Marblership represents Marblex’s membership NFT program, which provides members with various benefits. These include MBX token NFT staking, access to game coupons, and exclusive entry to a dedicated Discord channel.

The introduction of these NFT collections underscores Marblex’s commitment to innovating in the blockchain space. By integrating the worlds of gaming, blockchain, and NFTs, Marblex is not only diversifying its portfolio but also enhancing the user experience for its community. As the company ventures further into the realms of cryptocurrency and NFTs, it continues to solidify its position as a key player in the digital assets market.

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