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Kubota Eyes In-House Battery Production for Electric Farm Equipment

Anticipating a surge in demand, Kubota strategizes to localize battery manufacturing for its upcoming electric machinery in key global markets
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Japanese agricultural giant Kubota is strategizing to manufacture its own batteries for an upcoming range of electric farm machinery, signaling a significant shift in response to the increasing global demand for sustainable agricultural solutions. The company, traditionally known for its diesel-powered equipment, is adapting its operational blueprint to embrace electrification, with plans to introduce electric tractors, mowers, and carriers in the U.S. and Europe by 2030.

Kubota’s current production model involves manufacturing diesel engines in Thailand and Japan, followed by shipping them internationally for assembly. However, the shift toward electric models has prompted the company to consider a more localized approach for battery production, aiming to cater to specific regional markets, including Asia, Japan, the U.S., and Europe. This strategic pivot is aligned with the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, as articulated by Kubota President Yuichi Kitao.

The transition includes the utilization of existing facilities for assembling electric tractors, a move that began in Europe last April. Kubota’s approach to battery technology is distinguished by a unique cooling method, necessitating in-house design and development while sourcing cells externally. The potential establishment of a dedicated battery factory in Japan is under consideration, contingent on market demand and regulatory trends related to diesel emissions. This proactive measure underscores Kubota’s dedication to leading the agricultural sector’s evolution towards electrification, aligning product development with environmental standards and market expectations.

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